Lawn Care

Wadsworth Ohio lawn care services provided by Custom Spray Inc.

Our Wadsworth Ohio lawn care programs maintain the best looking, greener lawns by using a slow-release, granular fertilizer.  We have put our lawn care programs together after many years of experience to deliver the best results for our customers.

Wadsworth Lawn Care Services Include:

Full and basic lawn care programs

Grub and insect control

Liquid weed control

Granular slow-release fertilizer

Aeration, overseeding, and lime application

Vegetation control (Round-Up)- driveways, perimeters, woods, beds, etc.

Lawn Care Schedule

We start in the springtime with our first application which includes a weed control along with a pre-emergent that will prevent the growth of crab grass in your lawn for the entire season.  After knowing the condition of your lawn, we’ll put you on a regular schedule which will eliminate the weeds commonly found in lawns in the Wadsworth, Ohio area.

Not only can we keep your lawn green and weed-free, we also provide other value added services that include pest control, mole control, and disease control for your trees.  Contact our Wadsworth Lawn Care division for a free estimate.