granular fertilizer spreader lesco lawn fertilization

Keep your Wadsworth Ohio lawn green and healthy with our fertilizer and weed control plans.

Our applications include a slow release, high-quality weed control liquid fertilizer that will provide your lawn the nutrients it needs to help keep your lawn full and green.  We also use weed control additive to the fertilizer which assist in keeping your lawn weed free.

Our full Wadsworth lawn care program is a 5 application process but can be adjusted accordingly depending on your needs.  If your lawn’s PH balance is to hight or too low, or you’d like to add grub control, you many need as many as 7 applications per year.

Wadsworth Lawn Fertilization Applications:

Step 1– Early Spring fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass all year.

Step 2– Late Spring fertilizer and weed control to control broadleaf weeds as well as dandelions.

Step 3– Early Summer fertilizer and spot-treatment of weeds.

Step 4– Late Summer fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Step 5– Fall fertilizer to promote root development. (Winterizer)

Lime Application- Applied in Spring or Fall to enhance fertilizer performance.

Grub Control Treatment- For season long control of white grubs.

Contact Us to learn more about our lawn fertilization and how you can keep your Wadsworth lawn looking green and healthy year round.